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Get a list of configured Policies

# bppllist -(L|l|U) -verbose

List out all details of every policy

# bppllist -allpolicies -l

To modify an attribute of a policy use the modify flag to the bpplinfo command. The following command will deactivate a policy

# bpplinfo <policy_name> -modify -inactive

Modify the storage unit of the policy tstpolicy to tstunit

# bpplinfo tstpolicy -modify -residence tstunit

Modify the volume pool on a policy

# bpplinfo policy_name  -modify -pool pool_name

Add a new policy, using an existing one as a template

# bpolicynew <new_policy_name> -sameas <existing_policy_name> 

Policy Schedules

List the configuration of a specific policy  schedule

# bpplsched <policy_name>  -label <schedule_name> -(LlU|l)

# bpplsched LINUX_HOSTS -label FULL -L

Create a new schedule for a tape based backup

# bpplsched <policy_name>-add <schedule_name> -st <schedule_type> -mpxmax 

<multiplex factor> -number_copies <number> -fail_on_error <0|1> -residence <storage unit> 

-rl <retention level> -cal <0|1> -freq <number of seconds between window opening>

The following command will create a schedule of type FULL called WEEKLY_FULL in the policy LINUX_HOSTS with an mpx of 4, a retention level of 1 and a frequency of every 24 hours.

# bpplsched LINUX_HOSTS -add WEEKLY_FULL  -st FULL -mpxmax 4 -number_copies 1 

-fail_on_error 0 -residence "POLICY_STU " -rl 1 -cal 0 -freq 86400

If SLPs are being used then the -residence would need to point to the relevant SLP

To modify an attribute of an existing schedule, use the command bpplschedrep

To change the media multiplex value on a schedule to 2

# bpplschedrep <policy_name> <schedule_name> -mpxmax 2

To change the residence of a schedule to TAPE_STU_1

# bpplschedrep LINUX_HOSTS WEEKLY_FULL -residence TAPE_STU_1

In the bpplschedrep, when configuring the backup window, the days of the week are represented with numbers with 0 being  Sunday and 6 being a Saturday. The first number after the day of the week represents the number of seconds after midnight the window should open. The second number represents the number of seconds the window should stay open for. 

To modify a frequency based schedule to have a two hour window between 01:00 and 03:00 every day use the following command

# bpplschedrep <policy_name>  <schedule_name> -0 3600 7200 -1 3600 7200 -2 3600 

7200 -3 3600 7200 -4 3600 7200 -5 3600 7200 -6 3600 7200

To have a window stay open for the whole week, i.e. 24 hours a day for seven days, as is usual for user directed or application based backups, the command would be :

Bpplschedrep <policy_name> <schedule_name> -0 0 604800

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