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# bpimagelist is your friend when confirming image details and backup history. The following link gives details of the fields within the long listing of the command


# bpimagelist -client client_name - can also specify dates etc, the image id is the 6th field of the line starting ^IMAGE


# bpimmedia - the image id is the 4th field of the line starting ^IMAGE​

The following will show info on what images are held on media including all copies etc

# bpimmedia -L -client <hostname>

Check the images available on a disk storage unit for a particular client, you need to specify the absolute path for the disk storage unit

# bpimmedia -L client <client_name> -mediaid /absolute/path

Confirm the images available on a tape

# bpimmedia -L -mediaid <barcode>

To find the tapes used between a certain period for client

bpimmedia -L -client <hostname> -d 07/02/2019 -e 07/03/2019

To Promote a copy to a new primary copy use the following

First find out which copy you wish to promote

#  bpimmedia -client vcs-cluster2 -d 05/01/2005 -e 05/06/2005 -U

To find out what a tape was first written to

bpmedialist -mlist -m media_id

bpimmeida report lists the contents of media as recorded in the NetBackup image catalog

To get a media contents report

# bpmedialist -mcontents -m media_id

# bpmedialist -mcontents -m <media_id> -l -h <hostname>

To delete a copy of an image

# bpimage -deletecopy copy_number -backupid backupid

The following will delete copy 2 of the backupid HOST_1134956910

# bpimage -deletecopy 2 -backupid HOST_1134956910

Promote copy 2 of an image to be the primary copy

# bpduplicate -npc 2 -backupid vcs-cluster2_1115296300

To run a preview of bpduplicate to get a backup history of everything since a certain date

# bpduplicate -PM -s mm/dd/yyyy

To see which images are held on preimported media use:

# bpimmedia -mtype 1

If a tape has expired but not been overwritten it is possible to import the images contained on the tape into NetBackup. If an image already exists within the NetBackup catalog then the image cannot be imported into the NBU catalog.

To get a list of images from a cartridge which has expired but not been overwritten run the following 

# bpimport -PM -s 01/01/1971 00:00:00 -e 09/30/2019 23:59:59 -id <media_id> | nawk 

'{ print $5 }' > /tmp/import.list

Reviewing the /tmp/import.list file will show which images are available to be imported from the tape.

bpimport is a two step operation, the first step create_Db_info recreates the catalog entries for the backups that are on the specified media. This option only creates information about backups that are candidates for import.

# bpimport -create_db_info -id <media_id>

if no server is specified then the master server will attempt to read the cart

# bpimport -create_db_info -id <media_id> -server <media_server>

Once this step has completed then it is possible to run a bpimagelist on the images to confirm the image details however it is not possible to confirm which files were backed up with those images until the second step is complete

From the images which have completed the first phase import select those to complete the second phase import and ensure they are listed one per line in a bidfile. This file will be read during the second phase 

# bpimport -bidfile /tmp/import-list -L /tmp/import.logfile

Once the second phase import has been completed a bplist command, showing which files were backed up by those images, will be successful

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