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To mount a tape within an acsls robot, specify the cartridge barcode and the drive via the ACS,LSM,PANEL,DRIVE notation

acssa > mount B00000 0,0,0,1

To dismount a tape within an acsls robot

acssa > dismount B00000 0,0,0,1

To check the state of a drive, q is short for query

ACSSA> q drive 0,0,8,8

To vary a drive offline if the tape state is unknown etc

ACSSA> vary drive 0,0,8,8 offline

To start acsls cmd_proc without having the top half of the screen showing

# cmd_proc -l

To use acstest non interactively query the cap status of the library

/usr/openv/volmgr/bin/acstest -r placsls -s 30031 -C capstat

To use acstest interactively

 /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/acstest -r placsls -s 30031

- then enter the required commands

To view the serial numbers of the tape drives in an acsls library

cmd_proc > display drive *,*,*,* -f type serial_num

To set up volume access control on ACSLS

Edit the file /export/home/ACSSS/data/external/vol_attr.dat and add the volume ranges required





The fields above are tape_range|owner_of_tape_range|pool_id|force_(override previous ownership)|move_to_lsm

Edit the file


and add the ip_address hostname entry for each media server which will access the ACSLS cluster, making sure the ip address and hostname are the same as that for the interface which will be used for the comms to the ACSLS cluster : nbumedia1 nbumedia2 nbumedia3

Edit the users.ALL.allow file and put in the hosts which belong to the groups as outlined in the vol_attr.dat fle, i.e

legato legatohost1

netbackup nbumedia1 nbumedia2 nbumedia3

Run acsss_config as the acs user and amend the volume access control options in menu option 4 and then rebuild the controls via menu option 6.


Once that is done restart ACSLS.


To automate the ejection of carts from an acs library, do the following :

1) generate the list of carts to be ejected and put them in a file with the eject statement:

acsss@acshost1[Production]$ more /tmp/eject-carts

eject 0,1,0












2) Pipe the above file through cmd_proc

cat eject_files | cmd_proc -l > ejectfile.out 2>&1

Alternatively, to eject a range of contiguous carts via the cmd_proc to MAP 0,1,0

cmd_proc # eject 0,1,0 52889-52894

To manually eject multiple ACS cartridges via NBU, the -api_eject switch is required for vmchange 

# vmchange -api_eject -map 0,1,0 -w -res -ml 017737:017740:017757:017758:017778 -rt tld -rn 1 

To eject a range of carts from an ACSLS library

cmd_proc # eject 0,1,0 52889-52894

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